Below is a sample of my work for television: as an international correspondent for TRT World I have covered political and economic crises across Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Here you will also find samples of my weekly tech show for France 24, and some of my reports from Brazil during the 2016 Olympics and the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

I have also spent time working as a part-time radio correspondent for the UN Radio – an experience that has taught me a lot about the UN system. I’ve constantly worked to bring a multimedia/digital approach to every story I covered, integrating video and graphics to enrich radio reports.

Under “special”  you will find some of my work in medium and feature-length documentaries. I visited America’s darkest prison, witnessed Venezuela reach the brink of civil war, interviewed Mexico’s dreamers and investigated the UN’s legacy in Haiti. You will also find the result of 10 days on the ground in Egypt during the Arab Spring. As the field producer in charge of a team of 5, I was sent to coordinate the production of a series of 3 programs (in 2 languages) about the Egyptian democratic revolution.

Finally, you will also find samples of my photography. I am formally trained in a range of cameras and my shots appear often illustrating colleagues’ pieces.